The Veterans Gardening Guide is pleased to provide the following links to companies and organizations that promote healthy gardening. Many of these organizations depend on private funding, and I encourage you to help when you can.

American Community Gardening Association – Their mission is to increase and enhance community gardening and greening across the United States and Canada

AmpleHarvest – Helps home and community gardeners end food waste by enabling donations of excess garden produce to nearby food pantries across America

Healthy School Yards – Encourages parents, educational leaders, health professionals, and landscapers to create healthy school yards for children

Landscape Ontario – Members believe in environmental stewardship and lead the “green” industry in helping you to create a greener world

Society for Allergy Friendly Environment (SAFE) Gardening – A California public benefit corporation, was founded in March 2013 with the purpose of offering a healthy alternative to the all-too-common highly allergenic landscapes found in all of our cities

The Stop Community Food Centre – This Toronto, Ontario organization has various programs to fight hunger, including promoting Global Roots community gardening plots